Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dagon the Fish God and the Pope’s Hat

“Everyone knows” that Catholics have incorporated pagan practices into their faith. For example, here is photographic “proof” that the Pope’s mitre reflects worhsip of Dagon the fish-god. Or here. And there’s more. Just do a Google search on “Dagon the Fish God” and “Catholic” and you’ll find plenty. What this is actually evidence of is that if you repeat a lie often enough it will begin to sound like the truth. What is tragic is that too many will simply accept that because they have always heard it and because it confirms what they’d like to believe (that Catholics are pagan, idol-worshippers) and never look to see if a superficial similarity actually will withstand the scrutiny of a serious examination. I admire those who take the time to take a closer look and follow the truth no matter where it takes them.

A recent convert on Take the Long Way Home shares a little bit about her research on the connection between Dagon the Fish God, the Pope’s Mitre, and reality. If the Catholic Church is wrong, then the truth should be sufficient to keep people from making the mistake of joining her and lies like the so-called connection between worship of Dagon the Fish God and the Catholic Church should not be necessary.

If you must reject the the Catholic Church, reject what she actually is and what she actually teaches and not the straw men set up by those who fear her.

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